The Maryland Genetics, Epidemiology, and Medicine Training Program

Wolfe Street Competition 2017

We are pleased to announce the 2017 winners of the MD-GEM Wolfe Street Competition,

Ryan Longchamps (Human Genetics) and Yun Soo Hong (Epidemiology)

for their proposal

"A cohort study of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy and cardiovascular disease"


Special thanks to our faculty reviewers and to the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund for their support and selection of our winners!

Wolfe Street Competition 2017

Funded by the Maryland Genetics Epidemiology and Medicine (MD-GEM) Training Program through support from the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund

The "Wolfe Street Competition" is intended to foster training and research collaborations in genetics, epidemiology, and medicine between the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (SPH) and the School of Medicine (SOM), situated on either side of Wolfe Street here in Baltimore. This mechanism will provide up to $15,000 (applications less than $15,000 encouraged) to support or supplement a research project led by a partnership of two trainees - a predoctoral student and another predoctoral or post-doctoral fellow. Applications from two predoctoral students will also be accepted. The two individuals need to independently represent laboratory or population based science. Because the MD-GEM training program also includes collaborations with the National Human Genome Research Institute, the post-doctoral fellow partner could also be from NHGRI (laboratory or population-based). This new collaboration should lead to new peer relationships and ideally novel genetic focused discoveries, within the scope of the MD-GEM mission

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must: Be students in the SPH or SOM or post-doctoral fellows in the SPH/SOM/NHGRI. A project must have at least two leaders, representing at least two of the MD-GEM divisions (SPH/SOM/NHGRI) and both population and laboratory science. At least one of the leaders must be a predoctoral student. There should be no directly overlapping financial support for the requested research activity, although supplemental or complementary work may be considered. If there are questions about this aspect, please contact Jennifer Deal.

Format of Application

  1. Cover Page
  2. Specific Aims (1 page)
  3. Scientific Abstract (300 words maximum)
  4. Proposal Overview (maximum 4 pages): Briefly describe the methods of the proposal and include details on how this will bring together population and laboratory methods to answer the specific research questions.
  5. Detailed Budget with Budget Justification (up to $15,000; applications for less than $15,000 encouraged).
  6. Current CV from both applicants

Please click here to download all application files in a .zip file. This .zip file will also include a copy of the Instructions, which has been reproduced here and does not need to be included in the PDF application.

Please combine all files into one PDF and submit using the button below.

Unallowable expenses

Salary or stipend; Tuition, health insurance, student fees; Administrative or secretarial support; Equipment (any item in excess of $5000); Laptop or Computer Purchases; Registration at scientific meetings and Travel to meetings.

Additional Information

Applications will be reviewed by MD-GEM faculty and final decisions determined by the MD-GEM Steering Committee.

For awardees, a final programmatic report is due no later than 60 days after the conclusion of the student/post-doc recipients research year. This 1 page report should summarize the results from the proposal and how funds contributed to the outcome. Please also list any publications or abstracts that result from this research.

Presentations and publications resulting from this work should acknowledge the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund and the Maryland-Genetic, Epidemiology and Medicine Training Program (MD-GEM).

Submit the completed application including Cover page, Aims, Abstract, Proposal, Budget and CVs as 1 PDF document. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications due Monday, May 1st, 2017 at 5pm EDT.

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